Can we please get 6* Glenn, Depot Governor, or Gator this weekend or next week?


Seriously, it will get to a point where there are more premier recruit 6*s than ftp ones. The meta has already been broken countless times, so the “They will break the meta” excuse is no longer tolerable. Doing this will probably calm a little of the chaos on the forum, so it is to both the players and scopely’s benefit.


Consumers: YES!

Scopely: Nope.


This needs to happen. Like yesterday. You can still make money. Put it in the 40 pull as triple chances or throw it in a 100 dollar stash. Not everyone has the leaked toons. Chances are just as good that people will still pull for them and you make the ones of us who have been waiting for MONTHS to be happy for a change. Stop being GREEDY. Yes you run a business and must stay profitable but at the expense of alienating your player base? Thats just asinine.


Definitely. I don’t even have gator yet but I would surely try to ascend on asap if this happened.


No wait! There is another trash Alert Promo we can buy!!! :+1:


I bet they throw a carrot or two at you guys in the next week or so.


Probably be mid summer or fall by time they release Glen and other ascending Older toons . To them that’s early 2018


You would think if they were gonna force payment from us they would be op at least. Nope another crappy toon. It’s beyond insane just how clueless they are and how they really don’t give a f*ck about us.


And most of them are :poop: