Can we please duel ourselves


I have to wait for my faction members to come online or bother them for them to test my team and irritating them with multiple tests while they have other things to do. … Of course there are times that they are willing to help but that is not often because everyone is busy. can we please have the self duel option so we can test as much as possible. We know what to test for… They don’t. Again!! having someone test over and over for us gets irritating for them. @JB.Scopely







This option would be a very good upgrade to the game because half of the game is defense and how can you have a good defense if you can’t see how it looks like in action. @JB.Scopely


Forthed. I have toons that others don’t, so I want practice fighting against those toons, also want to find my own weak spots and so on.


just add our team to friendly duel. just add the duel button next to ourselves in the friendly duel…


Good thing is if you’re running a defense with neither a shield or revive then you don’t need to test it…it’s deadsies.


This is a popular request, that we’ve stored in our backlog.

While we do not offer this feature (yet), the usual workaround is indeed to request assistance from your faction members and seek for their counsel.


Fap fap fap…sorry. Don’t mind me, just dueling myself.


@JB.Scopely is the request as popular as the one about buying food in bulk? If so, we’re in a loooooooooooong wait for that one too.


I believe the food one has an edge :slight_smile:


while you are on it please make normal raid defense reports like duels so we can see how many turns or rushes and which character did most damage etc. current report is useless compared to duel report.


mods, weapons, and rarity of particular toons makes that a particularly difficult request.


What are the odds you would present the major issues and allow the community to vote on priority?


My faction members get irritated after 5 duels… So we do need a self duel option


About the same as that surprise box so .03%. Keep surviving. :smirk:


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