Can we please do something about crap crw rewards

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I’ll start by saying that milestones are solid. 2 gps, 2 canteens, 5 liliths and 7 Benny’s (if you hit 200k) BUT… rank rewards are a different story. In past wars, 1st got 10 Liliths and 8 ulys. This war, 1st gets only 7 liliths and 5 ulys… and they only get worse as you go down. Why the cut back? I understand why everyone gets irritated with the scaling of rewards. This is the reason why some people prefer AOW. I know I’m beating a very dead horse here, but let’s get something done.


First they made rewards terrible for lower faction, now they’re making top tier rewards worse, not to mention the new stashes. It’s a shame that they are taking away motivation from fighting in crw, one of the only events that people enjoy.


They. Want. You. To. QUIT. Simple as that.


I was worried that noone would start the typical " warrewardsarecrap " thread…smh

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But they are … The 4 toons in the war stash are embarrassing… I mean Bryan? He was an event toon not that long ago… Lucky tokens and 3 year tokens they were on the right path but this has become a joke…


Its working.


the rewards has to be buffed for active factions and nerfed for try hard factions (means top factions in every region that always places top 5)

They need to add green aplha to the stash ffs :joy:

If they would scale the rewards properly, I think almost everyone would prefer crw. Everything about crw is better EXCEPT the rank rewards. Rewards are only getting worse too!


Scale and split. 45-21. Make it 50-41, 40-31 and 30-21. Give more incentive to the factions towards the back end of each rank where there’s usually a huge gap in points to the front end


Tbh i realize change isnt overnight…but the stash came out of nowhere for prizes one could assume it was to try and lower the dupe rates. (Nothing worse than pulling 3 red govs from same tokens) Having the stash for 3 straight rewards and all players are saying this is literally making people not war. So beings the stashed showed up suddenly why cant it be fixed towards rewards being better after 3 wars? Not to mention how hard it is too reach 200k for 8 war tokens if your in a lower faction. #fixrewards

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I mean they’ve changed the content (toon-wise) of the stash. The rest of the stuff in there is actually pretty decent as well, assuming you can get past stash 1. Obviously you can’t satisfy everyone, all of the time with these kinds of rewards structures though.

What I’d like to see is a toon-only stash that lasts 2 months and you knock toons out each pull you get. That’d be a more satisfying way to ensure lack of duplicates and help people map out what kind of effort to put in. Maybe give top finishers in EVERY tournament a pull from that stash, and give minor tokens to everyone else that can combine into a pull token once you accumulate enough.


Did you say green decap alpha?

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Dam i need her ,i have sandy but like dam i want alpha more.

Sandys double attack and pain split in her rush bothers me lol shes great for killing greens and a decap is a decap but give alpha attack buff like 60% and rush and ive taken whole teams with the aoe rush

I need ty, trade ya an alpha for a ty?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I may have recalled seeing Gold Mods in the first stash previously?

Seems like they just keep scaling back on the rewards.

And they need to stop putting useless shit or items in shit quantities in the stashes. What’s it gonna do for them with that much garbage in the stash? Increased revenue?


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Deal i have 2 tys been using shawn til i get alpha 3 turns and its over if my shield doesn’t get stunned lol

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Milestones are good if you plan on spending all weekend with your tablet 24/7 . Most factions have a problem getting 8players back to back and when we do its some op faction that literally runs us over in 3 minutes. Glad i got those 300 points by fleeing!!


They do I actually need a decap and they need to make sure lower factions can get it

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these fukers want people to spend for stashes ti get rewards no way it will backfire note this

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