Can we please do away with the chat censor?

This Chat censor they have installed has been nothing but horrible. It dont always censor the foul language and censors words that should even be censored. I was just talking in my game chat about Superman and it censored Zogs name. Why? Its stupid. Please get rid of this.

Can we please do away with the chat censor?

I agree, this did way more harm than it ever did good. I used to spend hours in game chatting and now I won’t chat in game because everything is censored and people can just report you a few times and boom, can’t do anything on the game for a day or 3.

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My username plural gets censored
I researched it and we’ll it was a nickname for a ww2 German medic
I mean I can understand nazi being censored but I think when ppl say that’s sanis cake or whatever
They mean it’s the ww2 German medics cake do they anyway
Best way to figure out why ur names censored is to find if it has anything related which could be offensive

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