Can we just take a Moment to say that „APEX LEGENDS“ is a Great Game (better that fortnite)

All wrong Roblox and Minecraft are the best games

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This community never fails me when I need them most


I like the people that made their own clans and raided the fuck out other clans.

Well wasn’t the one I was referring to but I can see how that would be better as well :joy:

Looks similar to this game, draw a card, do what the card says. “Take a shot, 2 shots, everyone but you takes a shot” ima have to check blackout out tho

Hit me up if u do loser

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Thats what we did lol i played rust and did the same, loved rust but H1Z1 was my game. Their is a video on youtube that i would love to find again, was like a clan of 10 who fought off and defended their base against like 5 raids in one day from about 300 Chinese and it was the most epic thing. Another thing we had merged with a clan, immortal and we went region to region burning down all the bases. Legit a thousand people running around with molotovs and ak47s all while being chased by wolves and zombies, they were the best of times :sob:

They kinda dumped the survival part and focused the battle royal part and it went downhill from there but that brought us things like pubg, fortnight, etc

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If u guys are on xbl hit me up. Will pm u gt and we can get down. Always looking to play some pubg

Not worried about the weapons. But could use a quickie overview of hey, when a match starts this is what happens.

With no exposure to the map rough start.

All good. Learn adapt. win.

Couldnt we all


Gotcha. I mean that’s like most battle royales haha. I only mention the training part because the weapons are all very different in terms of damage, shooting styles, and recoil patterns, that even someone like me who play Fortnite a lot, found very very helpful.

First 30 min of playing is me running around and being like where the f* are all the weapons. No I don’t need armor.

I refuse to play any EA game, there’s probably dumb microtransactions in it knowing EA,
I also heard the game is pretty woke (Non binary character :/)

The game is “f2p”. Micro transactions are certain

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Supposedly its just going to be cosmetics. Im sure it will lead to characters w special abilities or boosts that last for short periods of time

I do pretty good on that game xb1 though

Dumb shit.

You can gain access to the toons through grinding or pay to get it now (standard issue offering). Aside from the 2 locked characters, the weapons and things are all skins. So no impact on game play.

It’s fun but God damn landing without a weapon sucks. And then you find 5 pistols and your still like wtf.

Also… I’m still at 0 kills. Someone always getting the last hit. Thought I had 2 one match then after I died I was like wtf.

If you can aim then pistols are just fine you silly goose. Do yourself a favor and play apex on pc with the real gamers.

Ew. Using a mouse to shoot. No thanks.

I’m too lazy to keep up with pc parts n things. Consoles are fixed. Nice to know things are designed for the capabilities even if it means dumbing it down visually.

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Haha. That was my experience with Fortnight. Immediate uninstall right after.