Can we just take a Moment to say that „APEX LEGENDS“ is a Great Game (better that fortnite)

Try this Game , its awesome … better than this Game is right now . I know cant compare those 2 games but this Game is balanced Atleast .

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Am waiting for a game I like similar to a YouTuber I watch that played rust. I play console thou.

Been thinking about downloading it on ps4.


I think The Last of Us is the greatest game.


They call APEX LEGENDS the fortnite killer! It’s like fortnite and overwatch and you can…

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Haven’t played a shooter in a while… Since ps3.

Side note - I had way too much fun playing MAG and Dust 514. Call of duty is trash.

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Apex Legends is fun and refreshing, but it also has enough difference to not kill Fortnite IMO.

It is for sure

Boom download done

It’s so damn good.

Still no pubg. Its what blackout shoulda been, but still a slide fest. Not enthused by it.

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Be nice if the menu told you what there abilities are. Do they think we all just ha e the internet and can look this shit up!


all you need to know is the wingman is beast.

They made me jump master first time playing lmfao. Could used a bit more explanation. Now I’m dead as apparently I was no where near my teammates who did the smart thing of going where I wasn’t lol

Blackout is better.


Training is very helpful for a basic introduction, as well as knowing the recoil and firing patterns of each gun in the game.

You can see additional stuff in the lobby too.

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For 60 bucks no. If it were FTP still no.

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With $60 you also get an entire game along with a battle royale which is pretty balanced, and I don’t see people with shotguns jumping around :joy:

H1Z1! R.I.P tho, number 1 top player in that game, i slayed, took skill and was the first battle royal game. Its now 2 seperate games, H1Z1 is the battle royal and just survive is like rust, build a base/home/shelter, hunt/grow/scav for food, zombies and animals like bears to watch out for as well as other players looting

I dont like BR games as i find them to get boring fast after a few kills but apex legends looks really interesting with the class system, it brings thought and more skill into the game and i really like the borderlands look of the game