Can We Increase the Active Shield Timer?

I put my phone down for less than 2 minutes (I timed it with my work phone) and I get punished with heavy resource loss. That’s a poor design choice, and gives automation users another advantage over honest players, not to mention punishing players who put up droppers to help faction mates.

I avoid playing basically all day just because I know if I’m not ghosting I’d better be glued to the screen if I don’t want my stuff taken.

Doesn’t have to be radical change, like getting rid of all real players in raids. But something to make it not so stressful to play, something where I don’t feel like I can’t reply to a message, or check the forums, or do ANYTHING but farm or ghost would be nice.

Buy high replenish with the food and let the wood max. Let the raider worry about getting rid of the wood :joy:


I collected over a million food from my farms. Converting to high replenish results in a 50% loss of food. It’d be better to get raided 3 times in a row.

However, the point of my suggestion isn’t to save resources. It’s to make the game less frustrating by making it harder to lose resources while playing.

If you’re collecting over a million food at a time, then complaining about losing a fraction of it, I don’t think the problem is with the game dude.

This problem applies to all players, not just ones who’ve played long enough to have maxed farms.

The resource loss to me may not be much. But what about a player who only has 500k food? Or less? I have other accounts that get hit by level 100+ players and get drained in 3 raids.

That, I’d say, is a problem with the game.

The person with 500k food can either use it to stack survivors in training or to craft high relpenish. Training grounds doesnt net in loss of food so your complaint still doesnt make sense.

TG is only an option if you have survivors, and the long term stash TG unlocks only after a good bit of leveling of town hall, material storage, etc.

But assuming you have all that already done, the point I make absolutely still makes sense. Yes, there are options to avoid getting raided. Yes, there are ways to mitigate or minimize resource loss. Those are great for long, planned periods of inaction.

I got raided trying to text a friend. Took less than 2 minutes. That seems like a flaw in the game, to me. You can’t stop playing for 2 minutes without being punished, buying a shield, or ghosting.

None of the other games I play punish the player for being inactive for 90 seconds.

That’s the cost of not losing it in raids. Agree it is high, but they aren’t gonna change it.

I’m surprised no one has suggested you g i t g u d so all raids against you fail, then you lose nothing :star_struck:

Even the cheaters in my region can’t defend everyone with their all 6* teams, let alone with a dropper lead. Though I did expect a few to say something like that too.

And they won’t change it unless someone points it out.

You can unlock special training right after soldiers my other region act that is a++ and has that tg unlocked for staking survivors. Again you have to farm for those… so. Still dont see your point.

You’ve always been able to buy shield timers from the store (4 different ones in my store - probably the worst use of gold). It’s not that they don’t know, they just want you to pay in one way or another. I choose the 50% tax or TGs depending on how attentive I plan to be.