Can we have some tyre offers please Scopely

Can we have some tyre offers in the shop please Scopely, there must be tons of peeps that are just short and are willing to spend

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Inb4 the trolls correct your spelling of “tyre” even tho its correct.

Inb4 “should had been more dedicated, grinded harder, etc.”

Inb4 “you were givin 2 weeks notice!”

Inb4 “another thread asking for tires… Waaaaa!”

If you cant buy them, and you are just a few short and dont mind crw this weekend you can transfer and get your milestones again and get a key to do the other roadmap for some extra tires

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1 as you say i spelt Tyre correctly, Scopely can’t spell
2 So your saying I can’t ask Scopely for some offers in the shop
3 I completed it and got Bruce
4 love CRW not going to miss it for anything
5 I know there is another thread and don’t care
6 this is not for me but for the many people who I know are short
7 finish times are always vague with Scopely
8 event is still running so should still be available imo

I don’t understand how people can’t do simple math. There were plenty of offers yesterday. On a side note… if your only a road rage map away. Transfer to another region to get another key from the current level ups. You will be stuck for crw though.

Tire vs. tyre

Tire and tyre both mean a covering for a wheel, usually made of rubber . Tire is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada. Tyre is preferred in most varieties of English outside North America. Of course, all English speakers use tire in the sense to grow weary .

Both are acceptable it just depends on what part of the world you reside in.


I do understand this but as we know there is never a defined finish time when say tyres stop dropping and a lot of people have been caught out

There was an in game message.

And that message stated when tyre’s would stop dropping?

Yes. It does. Players get confused by event end date and museum end date. Two different things.


Damn now I’m struggling BC now I can’t think of which we use in England. Tire I believe but now I’m doubting it. Fuck

I work on bloody cars as well now I’m doubting everything

i need some tires tooooo 350 tires. i don’t understand i have 1100 batteries but no key to spend on plan…
:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:so frustrating.

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You go to Kiwk Fit to have them replace your tyres.

You get tired by all the posts of people who didn’t read the in-game messages about when Tyres stopped dropping

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From the comments in that article I linked it looks like both at various points in British english history but it looks like Tyre is in fashion now if the comments are correct.

I’m American so it’s always been tire for me but I knew enough beforehand that both were accepted spellings.

Like color and colour.

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Screenshot_20190214-101145 Screenshot_20190214-102158



:arrow_up: @JB.Scopely or @GR.Scopely Get the team off their buts make some money and get this man a key deal.


I really wish they’d stop discriminating against people based on their participation.

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I need about 4000 more. Was hoping to buy one of the offers but they’ve all disappeared from my offers list. Doesn’t make any sense to not have these offers on final day of collection. The final day is when idiots like myself go into panic mode and are willing to bring out the wallet to buy some more tires lol.

  1. Major whoosh!
  2. This is a little trick that people can do to get extra tires
  3. What comes after 3?
  4. This number comes after 3
  5. @JB.Scopely liked my post, i win!
  6. What did i win? Idk but i won
  7. This is a complete sentence.
  8. This is #### a ######## sentence ## game #### like ###.
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need tire offer too… Open a few more tire offer plz~ Scopely