Can we have some events please. A christmas event or Gear event or an FA event

It has been a long time since we had an event.

Can we get one of the above please


Christmas event would be nice :joy::joy::wink::wink:


How about suggest a p2w event, it will release by next daily daily reset xD

Scopely did give us a Christmas Event however it isn’t a free one like so many other games at this point. I am hoping maybe they will start one later next week as a surprise but will not be surprised if it never happens.

They are already running a P2P event. What do you think all of the teddy bears/quills/books are about?

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They made a milestone defeating Christmas Shiva and included a few lines in the story that the Teddy bear they are hunting for is a Christmas present. To them, that’s all the effort they need to do to make it a Christmas event.

Yeah wouldn’t mind an actual Christmas event and not this p2p mess they have out now

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