Can we have more obvious names or a sneak peak of the "Road to survival" crates inside our inventory?

Would it be possible in the near future to see what type of rewards we have in our un-opened crates in the inventory? Im a big crate hoarder for lot of reason, but its getting confusing.

I personally have a lot of different looking “Road to Survival” named crate/bag which say they contain “Valuable rewards”. Some of them contain trainers, some have gear in it, but I have no idea which one is which. Im very low on space in my roster especially during level ups, and I don’t want to flood my roster with trainers, which I only want to use later.

It would be really nice to have a sneak peek of the possibe rewards for those crates, just like when we see them at the milestones screen, or when we claim them from our inbox. Currently thats the last stage when we can see what possible rewards can be there. Or at least some informative name would be nice.

Just like the crates that has more obvious names than others. We have food crates, trainer bags, gear crates, battle chests…etc…and a bunch of unknown “valuable reward” crates. I think there is no point to be so mysterious at this point.



There really should be a way to see whats inside before we open it. :rofl:

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I hoard too. In my experience all the one that say “road to survival” are gear crates. I open them as gear doesn’t seem to have a quantity limit, Everything else I believe is slightly better described by its name.
Hope that helps the confusion a little bit :slight_smile:



Not all “Road to survival” crates has only gears. The ones with active/AR trainers are also labeled like this. I know becasue I keep these types of crates un-opened since we start to get those trainer ones. Otherwise I wouldn’t start to hoarding them if all would have gears in it :stuck_out_tongue:

As a fellow crate hoarder, i am in favor of this suggestion.

Another suggestion i would give, is the same bags should stack in the inventory.

In the screeshot, the 250k food bags should stack since they are the same. There is already a stacking number in the inventory. This will make everything less cluttered.