Can we have an update on this please

Hi @kalishane,

My faction is ready to open faction assault. But I was wondering if this has been addressed like stated in your previous post about the reward structure. We can wait if it will be changed in the future.


@kalishane I don’t care if you were mistaken. It happens. But please acknowledge this so we can make a decision to open FÃ or not…

Lol kalishane won’t respond, I gave ur a great idea of tracking feedback and things she takes to the team, creating a spreadsheet outlining what’s the feedback, when we raised it, who is looking into it and expected timeframe

But she just deleted my account hehehe

The scoring system seems to be as it always was. I haven’t experienced the reset bug, but I also never did before so I can’t really speak to that.

In lieu of an “official” reply, I hope this helps.

While I figure there hasn’t been a change… I’m hoping @kalishane can answer this to see if there will be a change soon so we can wait and not open the faction assault until a better system is implemented. Not sure why his is being ignored.