Can we have an onslaught next week?

I am missing it to be honest.
I like many other ms enjoy doing it over any other events at the moment because they actually feel like they are being rewarded for once.
Can we have one next week @GR.Scopely?


You are ok with onslaught with different milestone rewards too?

They already think we are getting s class too fast (why we don’t have double collections any more and not because “no space In museum” )

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Yeah as long as S-Class collectables are involved in large quantities ( if you can grind that far) is a good event that trainers or 5* gear is a good reward in my opinion

@Samuel1 Understood sadly it doesn’t seem that Onslaught will be back next week but I will escalate the request to see more of this event to the team.


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I just want some pants! A DECENT PAIR OF PANTS!!

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