Can we have an f2p shield?

Can we have a F2P shield that can be obtained by ascending a 4*, or a event from where we can get one?


Maybe next season of leagues if you eat all of your vegetables.


You Don’t need One


Technically they have us the Andrea shield for free and if you do the missions you’ll be able to level her.


fast Andrea the one from monthly subscription?

@Jack-mihoff dont take me with these 1 neuron jokes buddy :slight_smile:


Yes (complete sentence)

So you want a real answer? The best answer a player can give you is the same answer jb will give you . And that is “maybe”. Judging from how shield michone became f2p in the five star era, the odds of never getting a shield are low.

there u go, thx, i keep hoping that Lee is coming next, i have him maxed out and do some raids with him with hp on defense mods and as a 5* did a great job, with a absolute defense weapon can be good in attack team

Both green Lee and red Magna are on the list, but Scopely has been slow as phuck to release them.

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Where’s the guy that always complains about shields being too OP when you need him?

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Scopley will figure out a way to make money off it don’t worry.

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Ftp players will get a shield as soon as they are completely obsolete- as to be seen with all the other ex-op-toons Prya, Konrad, Andrea etc

Maybe we should get romanov first
Someone goes he shouldn’t be a legacy
Despite the obs reason of decap

We don’t know if they’ll even be shields. It’s highly likely they won’t be.

I think F2P really do need a shield for attack, I still use one (I don’t have any of the latest Promos) and it’s a life saver for me

i know the chances to be f2p shield are low, bcs having a shield can stop you to spend money for toons, with a decent attack team, heavy hitters under protection you dont need much

When (if) the release lee and magna, I have a feeling they’ll attach some shit weapons to them when they are ascended. Can’t have all those f2p with ab def shields.

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