Can we have an explanation on why exactly scopely is holding back the Legacy tunes so much

It’s starting to get rediculious on how long we have to wait in between each new leagacy toon from the list that is released. I mean come on now the ratio to new premier toons to legacy is so out of wack I know scopely wants to make money but come on now its starting to make the game stale and no longer fun. If they would only start releasing the legacy toons faster this would bring a lot of life back to the game. It would allow us to make a better variety of different teams and you would and scopely would still sell all of there super over powered Premier toons. So I’m trying to understand why they are holding them back so much I mean there are so many of them but yet u won’t release them. Is it that they take time to program because u sure do come out with a lot of promos fast so I don’t think it’s that. Please explain @CombatDevIl @LadyGeek @JB.Scopely


I don’t speak for OP but quite certain the reason for the call for more legacy toons is because of being F2P (or near).

Look at the current pool of 6* and ask yourself how many of these are p2p. If you’re f2p and still don’t have at least half of those that are f2p, then something must be wrong.


I have a significant amount of 6 * (f2p and p2p) which have become obsolete for some. I understand the reasoning of some of us who can not pay for the last characters. and when I notice that some accounts are privileged over others, the 5 * question becomes inevitable.

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They baited us players into thinking they would invest more time and effort into legacy toons (even saying they wouldn’t be selling 6*) yet when push comes to shove they’re just in it for the money.
They don’t want to create a good gaming experience, they want you to play a game while shopping.
Players need to realize they don’t play their own game like we (players) do. So they will NEVER be on the same page as us.


I don’t work for Scopely. I’m just a player who likes to help out on the forums; I can’t answer questions like this.


Sadly we won’t get any answers about this ever. This has been brought up so many times and yet no answers.


Scopely come on answer the questions and explain why can’t keep promise and even do things opposite

You really think players can only bugging on forum and can’t do nothing?

We are only giving you guys some time and chances.

They are releasing one new promo toon per week and the whales continue to purchase them. Not only is this power creep but also a huge source of income. Most free toons released are much weaker than the premier ones, but still they don’t want to dilute 6*s with too many new free toons. It’s not really a mystery on why they’d focus more time on premium.

With that said though, the rate of release for this current list is pitiful. There was no excuse for the time gap between Kenny and Andrea, was it close to 2 months no new ascendable?

It’s because they’re greedy spinsters.

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there’s no real money in legacy toons, so it will never be a priority. the only decent thing for them to have done was make all the legacy toons ascendable before selling the new generation of overpowered premieres, but again not enough money in that so…

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Many Legacys are done, sitting on the shelf, to be released whenever. It’s all a dollars game…do some math on the income and when some criteria is met, out pops a Legacy.

Of course, no Legacy will truly compete with P2W toons, and if they approach some level of usefulness, some nerf will be forthcoming, ask my Wanderer about that.

Oh sorry well maybe u can get an answer out of them about this

Combination of them not making any money off them and the original six star being better than 90 percent of legacies made avaialble só players don’t use them anyway. Andrea was a nice surprise. The rest have been a waste (hunter wasn’t f2p in my opinion).

Because their instruments don’t work


I understand that premiums are where the money is at for scopely and they have to generate income, but the lack of legacy toons is a slap in the face to veteran players such as myself. I never really get too upset until I look at some “premium” toons in my roster, that I either warred my tits off for or dropped an insane amount of coins to obtain, only to see them collect dust because they are now obsolete.

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money money money that’s the rrason

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Pretty sure this has been brought up before only to be met with silence.

And there’s the saying “silence means consent”. I think you should know by now it’s their way of acknowledging without saying anything.

They really could care less if you spent hundreds or thousands on Priyas or Bluchonnes. They have moved on to 6*. Period. Even if they do make a legacy ascendable, they will 99% NEVER be as good as a 6* promo because they won’t make as much money.

The problem lies with the players. As long as spending continues, this will continue to persist.


The problem lies with scopley because they control the game and it isn’t right they don’t have the Decency to answer a direct question about the game

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Legacy tunes are still under OG bands royalties, OG owners do not want people using their tunes as tribute or for advertisement purposes.

Again, they really could care less. Point proven when this is the 8274928472839th time such a post has been brought to their attention.