Can we have a zombie shiva toon?

Or would it be very stupid?
A new idea, you decide

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Armored shiva very interesting to try


New ideas? What do you think this company can do? Have some creativity?

Creativity comes at a 99.99 price with a 1% chance it will happen.

Copy and paste is easier.

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They can pretty much copy and paste this as well and make some few changes on the design, and they can still sell it for lots of money.
Scopely loves easy money, but who doesn’t?

she did get eaten on the tv show not a bad idea

Yeah armoured shiva with human shield would be interesting but it would probably have to have a good character design though

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There is already an armored shiva

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Animals don’t re animate. This isn’t resident evil here


Animals don’t reanimate in the walking dead universe. Then again, scopely blatantly went against lore and made an albino shiva, so I guess anything is possible with this company.


Love this :joy::joy::joy:

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Ar : Kill all non Zeke’s on both teams.

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Ive already stated we should have an achievment Glenn for 100k to 300k museum points.
Zombie Glenn with a gooey eyeball.
Strong: melee[no weapon] stunner

Fursuit Shiva Ezekiel.

Did Glenn come back a zombie? Someone refresh my memory cause I don’t think that happened.

Pickle Shiva!!!

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His head got smashed in.

See username.


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