Can we have a variety of tournement?


So all this month we have had pretty much nothing but solo lvl up events. A couple CRWs and the new useless Onslaught. 1 Fac Lvl Up. 1 Fac Raid. Like really? There’s no reason to save so many lvl up events like that. Everyone is always asking for more blitz wars. So can we make this happen please? I don’t how to tag JB in this so if someone could do so for me that Willis l would be awesome.




Lvlong is constant in this game. I don’t mind them running in the background. I manage my rank targeting per the milestone / rewards so I’m in general pretty ‘fresh’ when I feel it’s worth pushing.

Save it for faction events imo. Use solo for steps towards filling your critical gaps when upcoming show the need.


I’m with you on that! Its stupid to pile these up like this. I always thought it should be staggered.
You run a solo today then the next should a faction then another solo and another faction and another solo so on and so forth on down the line. It only makes sense. But logic doesn’t exist in this companies vocabulary lol.
I prefer faction events but when you run 10 faction events in a row it gets old fast.


The solo lvl up should really be a permanent thing with daily milestones rather then repeated events. Make solo lvl up a nonstop running thing and then throw I a fac lvl one a week or bi weekly. solved.


Yes please. Anything but level up or that horrible Onslaught


Onslaught needs to go all together. Totally boring pointless and a waste of time. Lvl up at least has rewards and milestones.


variety hey
how about 1 hour levelling tourneys, mixed with 1 hour sr and raids,


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