Can we have a toggle helmet option

Scopely seem to have an obsession with masks, helmets and hats with 6*s. Just why does Siddiq need a flat cap and would Tyresse really dress in American football uniform?

Plz add helmet toggle o/.

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Why stop there? Let’s have a toggle clothes option.



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That would just be sexist lol.

Why not give the option of keeping 5* appearance.

What would be an interesting compromise is if we could choose a certain tier appearance for the character. For example, I could have a T4 ty look like his T2 appearance if I wanted to. Since we can hold down to see the stats of enemies I feel it wouldn’t be confusing really.

You mean sexy right? No one said it wasn’t both the men and the women. :wink:


An outfit Dye-ing station would be amazing. See some real variety in wars and raids!

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Only if we can see the rest of axle :heart_eyes:


He wears a bright yellow banana hammock last i saw

Tyreese was a football player in the comics

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And why stop there.Skinless is the only way to go.

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Lol and every 6* made has kneepads on even shiva! Why scopely!? What is the obsession with the kneepads?!

It goes with their overabundance of SLUTs.


Toggle clothes you say… Well we. Can guess what’s gonna happen to mirabewbs if that option comes