Can we have a timeline?

I understand that Scopely is trying their best to fix the game so that f2p and p2p aren’t millennia away from each other and Scopely has made some game changing promises about new content and a counsel but we haven’t gotten a timeline for anything. I know that it takes time but at least give us something to look forward to? Instead of changing everything at once but taking 3 months they could change one thing at a time so that way we know that they’re keeping their promise(s) and so we have time to adjust to a new mechanic instead of overwhelming us after going on about fixing the game. Who’s to say that if they change everything at once that it will be good anyway? If they do little by little at a consistent rate and mess something up, they have a chance of fixing it before they completely rework the game. If they mess up one mechanic, no worries. If they mess up every new mechanic that they’ve set out to implement, this game will finally be standing on it’s last leg. Either way, I got off topic but I believe my message is clear. Maybe not but whatever.


you should read the pinned topic about this already

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I don’t think you have to worry about Scopely fixing everything at once.


They already stated 30-60 days and the one time they gave a hard deadline (the 1250 coins by Monday) it turns into a shit show.

Also, even though Romanov isn’t as great as players would have hoped, they did already release him so clearly they are at least somewhat trying. Whether it’s to everyone’s standard is a different story.

Here you go

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sorry, but i think that’s just wishful thinking.

I didn’t think about that. Thank you.

hmph this was. really helpful, thank you

You’re welcome :blush::+1:

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It was a dig at Scopely suggesting that they haven’t even made one for themselves. Made me lol @Kanaima

This was an article from 2017

If I didn’t tell you it was from 2017, and overlooked the date, maybe you would have thought it was from the present because nothing has changed. Is that a good enough idea of what a timeline for improvement means to this company?

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