Can we have a raid tournament with shirts/vests?


Can we???
I don’t care anymore if it’s a solo or faction tournament, I just need these damn shirts to complete the Dwight collection…

I have 1150 Barbed wires (Didnt spend), and I am currently on 660 vests.
Two solo lvl up tourneys before I wanted to hit 2 million points because I wanted to see if it’s achievable or not…(I didn’t manage…even with days preparations)
I am going to complete the SR, but NO ONE can complete all these lvl up milestones!! Because you give them out frequently and the milestones are WAY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!
I know it’s been said, I don’t mind a post merge either, but this needs to be fixed!!

PS: it’s not against our community manager, but it’s for the people who came up with these ridiculous milestones…these milestones would be only okay if the 6*s were a common thing, but they are not…some people still have 0 or maximum 4 six stars




I agree! We have constant level ups, but raid tournaments are as rare as rocking horse shit, or hens teeth. Can we get some raid tournaments soon?


Vests and wires in raid would be good.

Milestones are insane with back to back lvl ups… ygl not popping hurts big time


The prizes could even be 4 star Tokens. We Just want our Dwight :frowning: