Can we have a new town to create....?


Like a lot of my friends, reached level 20 on everything. Instead of opening more town…

Why don’t you give us a second town!? I’d love to level up the Hilltop or Sanctuary…think about it, just like Fallout, multiple bases.

Then you can add completely new buildings with different agendas for creating power, weapons, food, etc.


Would be cool if they made the Prison as a 2nd area.


More armorys ftw. I want earl to fk me more than twice im a go


I like that idea it’s kind of like Faction Town.


Just start an account in a different region. Work on maxing what you already have. Faction town has been dead for a longgggg time


Great idea! I do like, but first let’s finish the one town we have. Let’s go Scopely, thank you for the level cap increase. Now can we finish our towns up(even if it’s just farms), would just look better on the eyes alone.


the town should be really worked on… the mods scrap building is half covered with icons during many events/info. thats annoying. so does one building/field on the right part of the city… @JB.Scopely


Asked for this long ago, and I mean LONG ago. Never gonna happen if it doesn’t line Scopely’s pockets! Good ideas are seen as irrelevant if they don’t plan on generating much revenue.


A survey from 2016


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