Can we have a new event to relieve the boredom

For an event I was thinking of a free to play event that gives a large amount of shards out to increase the rate of players getting S-Class toons and also create more team variety and maybe if people don’t want that they could work towards a new toon for that event or gear and medals that they might need.

Another idea is a login collection or stash like the Javier and Maggie ones we hard early on in the 6* era.

Yes I also know there’s a Arron event running but not everyone wanted that toon and not everyone will need the gear so that why I suggested the top idea.

Any other ideas or improvements comment below I would like to see your ideas.


Do you mean relieve?


Yes I meant relieve

Yea, i especially agree with u saying that it should be easier for many players to get s classes. More events as u said can do this if given by scopely. Only “if” they do it of course

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It’s been almost 2years but I hear it time and time again. The best event released was PATHWAYS. Once you got ya head round it, it wasn’t too bad. And all those bennies. Please bring it back with shards

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Cannot agree more would like to see a similar event again.

Pathways wasn’t 2 years ago, haven’t been playing for 1 year and I remember it. Too small to take much advantage, but it was there. 7 or 8 months ago Id say.

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or bring back Horde event and make it on a weekly basis.

Ask and ye shall receive…

Except they brought back that super-low odd p2p kandema crap. Enjoy. :laughing:

Yep just seen the so called event fun times.

Still being stingy on the S-Class collectibles.

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