Can we have a free or discounted ascension event?


I was lucky and got a lot of decent Ascenable characters from the past survival and walking dead token events. However I have no legendary medals and limited Benedicts. Can we have an event where we can ascend toons for discounted amounts of tokens etc or at least have another museum event like in April with the eggs where there were medals up for grabs?

*I know a lot of people complain they have too much of them, but that’s their problem. Mine is I don’t have them lol


Nah, people gonna complain that they would have waited before ascending if they knew the event would be coming.


This. Unless they gave people 2 weeks notice, which they never will, most will complain they would have waited for the event to ascend and would want refunds on the “wasted” resources. Would just turn into another shit storm.

Making medals more accessible is probably the only real option.


Never happen


But then those who ascended right before the announcement would still complain tho…


“Ugh I bought $300 worth of ascendance medals and used them all before the event. Guys scopely doesn’t care!”


Yep. Never going to make everyone happy. So they won’t bother trying


Did people complain when they ran the free mod unequip special?


Not that I recall. The complaints were more so about the event being only temporary. But then again, the currency for mod scraps is just wood, which comes by much easier than ascendance medals.


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