Can we have 120 battle tokens back in the daily mission completion rewards SOLVED

Hi @WalkerTexasRanger @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron

I’ve completed the daily missions so received the completion bag. However when I went to open it, it did not include the 120 battle pass tokens in addition to an RNG item like it usually did when the first seasons battle pass as active.

(Unfortunately I don’t have a season 1 SS that shows the tokens and an item together)

This was really helpful to all customers, f2p especially so, I hope to see it reintroduce.

It could also effect customers decision, towards the end of season 2 to purchase a battle pass key as if they may reach mission 29 or complete it faster so feel it’s more worth it to go ahead and purchase the key then being further back in mission completions.

Thank you

UPDATE - SLOVED (THANKS @Opie ) Mentions in blog that the daily missions pass rewards are now log in reward missions where I think you get slightly more over 14 days then u would completing missions

It’s been remplaced by daily login missions with the weeklies

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They added the daily log in to the event missions. I think overall just by logging in, we actually get more points. So its a better change imo.

According to the blog:

No more Daily Missions: Our intent in Season 1 with Daily Missions was to create an accessible way to engage with the Battle Pass. From feedback, you told us that this became a chore rather than a fun and different way to play the game. In Season 2, we are introducing new Login Challenges as part of Weekly Challenges. Don’t worry; we didn’t take any potential Battle Points away, Login Challenges will be a bonus set of Battle Points available. We hope this will lighten your load in Season 2.

Thanks @Opie missed that bit.

Yep it does work out better @Snizzle so that’s a good thing

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