Can we get * TIRES * to drop in * WAR *?

Considering we’ve been getting mostly horrid 3 tires per raid, can we also get some tires dropped during matches? It will definitely increase War activity too.


Probably would help, but there’ll be a raid event next week & they’re already dropping in those.

Yeah we need Tyre drop rates increase from Raids. 3-10 at a time isn’t cutting it lol. Steering wheels are fine :blush: obvs a raid event will be great for them, but they numbers need pumping up.

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There are two raid events next week. But yea, tire drops in raid would be sweet but unlikely.

I dont think drops go above 10, would nice if we had some 25 or 50 drops as well. Maybe add a way to acquire more keys to do roadmaps. Both would make this event seem more doable to the player base.

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If keys and baterrries aren’t in milestones or rewards for crw… could be trouble. That means no road rage map for two days.

I did purchase the starter kit and there’s a box for 150 coins with guaranteed key. Id say realistically people may have to spend and buy a few keys for 150 coins. That imo is attainable even to completely f2p. Watch videos, do offers, do some scavenger missions. For a small percent who have no coins and arent able to watch videos could be a huge issue. But i think this event is able to be completed by most active players. Theres also the small percent of people in leagues that will also get coins before the event end.

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Buying the keys without batteries doesn’t quite help. I mean most likely for 150 your gonna get 100 batteries. I’m not worried cause there’s two raid events… but it’s certainly not as easily achievable for all players as I would have liked. I think they might be dropping the ball a bit but I will wait and see the war prizes before making that judgement.

True even with starter kit i did have to complete up to elite yesterday without fallin short on batteries. Once war rewards are leaked and we see if tires drop during war it will be more clear.

Drops won’t increase because they want people to spend on the deals.

They want to make the event seem like its possible to do for free but most will probably fall short without spending at least a little. I think if you can afford it it’s worth the $10 for the starter pack. Should make raiding unnecessary if you grind out every milestone and complete the s9++ roadmap every day. Use the extra keys to run the easier map a couple of times so long as you complete the other map first.

Starter pack went buh bye lol.

@Kodak_black @JB.Scopely please can we? We’re still getting a putrid 3 tires minimum for raids. Can you raise the minimum please and maybe put more than just 10 tires as the max?

Lol honestly including kodak for questions like this hilarious

I’ll make sure take it to the team

And the answer is NO lol

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