Can we get the total mods doubled please?


Any chance we can go from 1000 to 2000 or more mods? If this is being considered, could we see it soon? With so many gold mods out there now players are forced to sell gold mods or there good silver mods. Most players I know got rid of all bronze mods in 2018 and a lot kept just stun resist and maybe a few others in silver so they sell their lower gold mods. I don’t know what the numbers are but I do know a lot of players who are in a top faction in their region have collected nearly 1000 gold mods. That’s not just faction but also solo events too.

It’s too expensive using scrap to move stuff around until mod removal day so it would be nice to allow the older toons to keep mods in them unless that’s the strategy of limiting the mods to 1000 but we heard that before with slots in roster where for 3 years we dealt with never having enough room and then one day the roster slots doubles to nearly 1000. If you are considering that for mods, sooner would be better than later:)


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They could just take out of the total count the mods that have been applied to the toon. They shouldn’t even be counted. They are being used and therefore taken out of the total count. :blush:

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Personally not even close to 1000 gold mods. Silver and bronze is worthless imo. Except at the best certain silver resist status ones. Rather have 2k weapons again before this. Hate dealing with them so often


Main reason I stopped Spending money on Gold Mods, or stretch myself in events with mods as rewards…I am full with gold mods. Where can I read my actual number?


Get rid of the usless bronze and silvers keep most gold.


Same. Been over the limit for a few months at least. Have to sell gold mods every time I get more. I sure as Hell am not going to pay for them when most end up being sold for scrap.


I think you’re missing the point, many have over 1000 gold mods.


I highly doubt there are many players with over 1000 gold mods. Not to mention mods that are actually useful.


As I said, I have been selling gold mods for at least a few months because I have over 1000. Clearly based on what others have said here, I am not the only one. I think anyone who has consistently placed high in nearly all tournaments and events since they came out and/or bought them has accumulated over 1000 by now.

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