Can we get some more medals?



I know many people have beyond 2 million ascendance medals and about 5k legendary medals.
But some people who didn’t participate ON THAT EVENT, struggling to ascend characters because there are NO medals these days!!
It is nearly impossible to get those medals apart from survival road chest, but it only drops a few!!

So my suggestion is to do an event or tourney where people can get medals again?! Those people with million medals could exchange these for other rewards?! (So, it won’t be unfair for them)


I´m not sure but i think they announced, that there will be a way to get these medals.

I hope they diddnt mean the SR Boxes.


yeah, it seems like this is the case…


@kalishane any thoughts/opinions? :slight_smile:


Survival road depot has a small crate with legendary & ascendance medals…Keep collecting them, they all add up eventually, even tho theres fuck-all in them.


been there, done that many times (still doing it)

it’s still not the same as an event where people could easily get 1million medals…

besides, the new dr.stevens has come out recently, and this means some people can’t even get him because they have to waste SR point on this crate


Need medals too im stuck


Make it happen scopely we have many new players in our region who weren’t around during this medal events so can’t keep up with these 6* teams.