Can we get more mod scraps for milestones?

The tournaments we have had where we get scraps for milestones were great. I find myself having less than 1k daily and mod locked so bad. I can’t level any good ones I get with just the daily amount much less have enough to move them around. Getting the free mod removal event once a month is no where near enough. We need more ways to get scraps .


Just wait it out, things will start to balance. I used to be hungry for mod scraps but now I have a surplus since my good ones are all maxed and I’m not going to bother leveling useless crit set mods.

Unless you’re not being choosy and leveling bronze mods and inferior silver mods…then I think you’re doing things wrong.

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I only level useful gold ones. Last faction raid gave 6 gold mods for first. Solo raid gave mods. I’ve also been leveling toons from all these level ups to make them useable. I need to add and move things around. When it takes about 50k to max a gold mod, you run out fast.

Ya those gold mods take a buttload to level up. Think I may be here forever lol.

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