Can we get more cake collection?


Since everyone completed the 10 collections , and we still able to drop cakes , can we get more collections , even if it doesn’t contains 3years tokens (5 star tokens or anything will do the job )
Since it’s an extra collections ,
@JB.Scopely plz make it happen before the end of raid event .
I mean what’s the point of dropping them since we can’t use them ,
Right now you are giving an advantage to players who wasn’t active during last weeks ,
I used a lot of resources last weeks to hit 2m lvl up milestones to get the cakes , and now anyone can get the 30 cakes with 1 refills while I was using 3k 2* and millions of food just to hit 2m.

Again plz JB we need more collection.
Thank you


The left over cakes go to the event leaderboard, same with candles. Once you finish the collection your score still increases. They wont change museum collections this close to an event ending anyway


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