Can we get Maggie or Hershel soon please?

I was hoping one of them would come with the levelup collections, but they didn’t. @JB.Scopely can you ask the team if there are any plans to release either of them soon please?


Same, honestly. I’ve been holding off ascending a Command on one of my regions due to the upcoming Maggie. Hoping she gets released soon

That is the reason why i didn’t by nik

i really want hershel. he was my favourite back in 5☆ days


They’re going to be released soon, maybe in the same day, because Hershel and Maggie in comics are father and daughter, so stay calm. Believe me, I am waiting for so much time for them…

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Why? It’s not like they will be even half as good as any of the recent P2W toons.

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Obviously they won’t be. But the last few that they have released have been very decent.
I’m excited to see what these two will be like.

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You should know by now, to never get your hopes up for anything in this game.

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Then why bother playing?

they will be really good (i hope) but you cant compare them with alice or diego

My hope was that one of them in the level up collection is

maybe there will be a event after the michelle one and where you have to choose between father and daughter

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Ooh…that is a good idea. But they recently did a Maggie roadmap where you had to choose. But I do like your thinking!

As they are both supposed to be legacies, they may just be free issue, like Rick & Douglas in Feb. That was on the 22nd & 27th, respectively.

I saw Eric as lead on majority of defenses (even for paying players) this past CRW. So obviously some free to obtain legacies they are releasing are high value. Why not wait and see what comes out before making generalized negative statements?


i agree but i mainly saw eric vs alot more lower tier factions. I found seeing more fast rush teams vs the higher tier factions. Faces a full 8 v 8 with nothing but tobin teams, i was praying for eric teams they are for the most part easy.

They will be released early this year

I hope they will be included in the 19th update.

Guardian rick also very good as a legacy.


Yeah, he is. I wasn’t sure how widely available he was to players though. He was an accidental faction prize once and then in pay wheel later. Versus Eric who is available in SD and from 4* ascension.

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I’m waiting for maggie, got nik at t2 and enough gear to max him but i’m holding off for now because i wanna check her out first.