Can we get gear maps that don't suck?

So, do to the fact that you’ve given me over 1,000 Benedicts. I have managed to max out everything in my roster that I possibly could.
I’m only missing one thing.
Elite Rare/Ultra Rare gear.
Can we please get a farmable roadmap back? I hate the new ones and I think everyone else does too.
I wanna be able to farm a specific item and occasionally get a flak/beanie/walkie/bag.
Bring back the old maps, for the love of God.



Yes this is a fricking sentence.

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Scopely doesn’t even sell Ultra Rare or Elite Rare gear.
Honestly if they did it like the shirts/gloves offer and sold it in bulk I’d buy.

League store. The tokens are much more avaialble now in all the milestones in every event.


I spent all my tokens lol

that is no good for you but yes i have the league store as the best option here

why do you say that is not good for Aeris?

Really? Sheesh. I’m at like 900k. Wish I could give ya some.

Lol i usually hit all milestones but don’t have tokens either. Spend them fast as i can get them.

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