Can we get free pull from Winter token?

Well… I started to think we can’t get free pulls from winter token.

It needs 120 tokens

I’m pretty sure only 1st in crw can get free pull and others need to spend bit

and guys like me might need lots of money to do 1 pull and get Richard.

Can we get free pull?

you can win free dissapointment from scopes…


@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


lol spot on!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Be prepared to not have a pull from the wheel. Only the top of CRW will get a pull. The rest of the top will be 15 or 30 short… the majority of regions will be like 75 tokens short. Of course there will be chance crates with tokens and odds of 0.3% chance of some of the coins you need.

Free pull to the museum

@JB.Scopely what do you say?

no you can’t

Pay to pull

Thanks for spreading some Holliday joy… The thought of us actually getting a free pull without being top 3 in crw made me actually smile and do a little chuckle…

If we get AOWs over trash CRWs, yea.

I feel like if you can work full time and make a decent salary, then spending on this game shouldn’t be a big deal, as long as spending is within the budget.

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This one is crw. I have no idea why… should be an alternate. Ridiculous.

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Buy the bag for 100 bucks and and 115 tokens, not even enough for a pull.

I hope so I don’t have a single character on that wheel so I would be happy with any.

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