Can we get Event Manager (LiveOps) to the forums?


I’ve read several times that decisions about events have been changed in the last moment. And yet no one (@kalishane) knows the reason…

I think it would be great to have some ppl from the (i think you call them) LiveOps joining this forum to let them explain us why sth was changed.

Since you have been successful to get IUGO Developers to join the forum, I believe you could be as successful to get LiveOps here @kalishane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would love to hear what the LiveOps team has to say for themselves. Especially if they’re the ones who determine prizes. Please, bring them here.


I actually mentioned something similar to this earlier today, so I wholeheartedly agree with this!


Yes it just makes total sense if you combine all the answers we receive in pieces from different topics. I just have learned that there are 4 main departments with 200 employees involved to develop TWD:RTS without a proper inter-communication…:+1:t3:

I bet my ass off, most of our complains simply does not reach the LiveOps who are in charge to decide about event & price structure (because they even don’t know there is a forum or they don’t want to join it)

Us poor players complain every day about bad prizes and the LiveOps high five each other after each event thinking they did and are the greatest. 100% sure about that!


We always blame @kalishane for when rewards aren’t up to scratch, or something changes. People do realise she’s only doing what she’s told right?

It’s not up to her to change prizes, or make them for that matter. She has no power to do that.

I know, I know, I’ll get the ‘sucking up to scopley’ speech, but everyone putting sh!t on Shane isn’t fair, the poor girls just the messenger.


Right or wrong, that’s the job she took. If she can’t properly communicate to whoever needs to hear it that things aren’t acceptable the way they are, then to an extent it is her fault. It’s not like there isn’t a boatload of complaints to back her up on issues like prizes and types of events and the like.


But she can take it the feedback ‘to the team’ all she wants, she could even beg them, but it wouldn’t matter. She doesn’t have the power to make the final decisions.


Then she isn’t presenting it properly or making her case well enough. Some measure of responsibility resides with her.


I don’t want this thread to get derailed into a blame game or who’s at fault issue. What this topic is about is trying to get a Live Ops representative onto the Forums. I agree with @ScreamQueen that an extreme amount of blame is hurled at Shane, and much of is not 100% warranted (and some of it isn’t warranted at all). But with respect to @David, can we all try to keep this thread on track?


Clearly she a bad messenger if they haven’t changed nothing I know plenty of messengers that can get a point made and make stuff happen I know the community is frustrated as hell with what’s going on and we all have good reason they keep doing the same things over and over again so what do they expect ? We give em flowers and rainbows ?


I bet they use a generator with all the toons and stuff on it, and for each rank they roll the dice, and whatever prize it choses is going to be the prize for that rank. Same for milestones.


The fault is not Kalishanes, its in the liveops team that decides what events we get and what prizes they contain.

Most of this forum think they are out of touch with what their costumers want/need.

So to get em to this forum and explain and clearify things would be a great way for them to also see what stirs the pot.


Lol that’s harsh, but it’s hilarious. :joy:




So then we go back to the bannable offense of mentioning not spending or participating until someone that has the power to fix this absolute shit show of rewards lately sees or understands that they need to be corrected.


You dont want to mess with the liveops guys. Poor Kalishane. :persevere:



The Devs watch and are starting to be more active, just have to figure out which dev deals directly with liveops lol


In few words you want someone to blame. jk haha
Yeah. It’d good coz kalishane won’t be able to take all on her own, she needs help there.


You guys are killing me with the memes.

We have a few LIveOps folks that lurk in here.

I would love that and I will see what I can do to persuade them to join in on our… fun…