Can we get AOW?

It’s been a long minute since we had AOW. How about in August we get AKA instead of CRW. FEW getting boring and it’s low-key calling off. Let’s have AOW.

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24hr blitz only. A whole weekend of AOW knocked me asleep just typing that


You’ll get more tokens tho

Not worth it tbh. Even if the wheel was good lol

We’re missing a alert. Only good chars I need are Carl and cole.

I’ll take any except Vincent. So I’ll get Vincent

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I need alert or tough to finish my collection of having all traits

You don’t have any reds?

No fees or blues. I didn’t get S6 OP til like I got dante.

Also if it wasn’t for someone I would of had garrett

Regions that were not eligible for the TOC should be excluded from CRW full stop.

Just let those regions AOW instead.

If they aren’t eligible for TOC they are not active or strong enough so take them out of it entirely

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That makes no sense. If they’re not active enough, you band them together with others to create more activity


Scopely should definitely give us a blitz before pathways ends. Their screw up at the beginning, long searches and terrible matchups means hitting the war battles targets has been even harder this weekend than during AOW. We won’t hit 15k without another war.

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Um no thanks

No thanks i don’t feel like be killed by the whales in my region over and over again

i thought you had quit playing the game a long time ago and you said this in a post

Forcing the regions to merge or die, easiest way to achieve what scopes want.

Also some regions like to just be left alone and not interfere with anyone else.

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Regions that were not eligible for the TOC should be excluded from CRW full stop.

Are you crazy?? They chose the ToC regions seemingly at random. In many cases they were super low activity regions.

Teams moved to them to compete, but there were TONS of medium & high activity regions not selected while low activity ones were chosen.

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Really? From what I saw you had to qualify through your regions AOW and if you weren’t active enough etc you didn’t get in.

That’s how it worked for the regions I am currently in.

You’re talking about two different things

First Scopely chose regions designated as ToC regions, just because, the metric hasn’t been shared. Players could then move in or out of them.

Second, there was a qualifier AOW whose points determined the regions moving on to officially begin ToC.

But NonToc regions who scored way higher that some of the tocs had already been cut out.

Hence why the entire event is flawed anyway. All regions should have been able to have their scores counted for seeding.