Can we get AOW or BLITZ soon?

Can we get an AOW 6x6 or Blitz 6x6 soon? Since CRW rewards suck for majority of us?


Better solution is to fix rewards for crw


Hmmm, perhaps you can. But WILL you get AOW or BLITZ? No…


Blitz is cool but stop asking for aow its boring and played out.


Isn’t a AOW as a 6v6 just a longer Blitz?


So true AOW absolutely sucks in my region,

AOW is terrible with how dead most regions are. So unless your a top 3 in your region who can’t finish top 15 in a CRW why would you ever want AOW over CRW? Fighting the same 2-3 whale teams over and over is fun for no one unless you happen to be one of the whale teams and then to not want to face true competition is just sad.

CRW is the only place to earn Canteens and the GPS for free.

Like it’s been said before fix the CRW rewards. Easiest way to do that is to have the tokens carry over from one war stash to the next so at some point everyone from 1-100 will earn a free toon over time. Profit can still be made because they can always be purchasable to unlock extra stashes. Win-Win for everyone.


But what exactly are the rwards for crw this weekend???

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I think AOW will be scrapped & it sounds like CRW will be revamped reward wise to keep motivation/participation going.

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Dont mind aow if in active region. Some still enjoy some fun inner region competition. But crw is definitely much better as far as the top prizes go. However crw needs to have better prizes.

Prefer all out war to CRW as we are always partnered up with the same 3 whale factions each time in CRW but for all out war it is highly active and balanced that is why I enjoy it a lot more

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This has been overwritten.

So you like both CRW and AOW.

Then move somewhere else

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I will take blitz…but that’s not a weekend event
AoW sucks and should be discontinued for all I care

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This has been overwritten.

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Some regions haven’t been opened for transfer (not saying this is the case but could be).

I prefer CRW. More variety of factions to face, idc if i face the 1st place team 10 times all weekend, AOW it would be 80 times facing 1st place, thats whats boring.


I enjoy all of them.

While CRW is most versitile and fun, the rewards are just not there for the effort. Especially for factions below rank 10. As many suggested, if the tokens carried over, that would be a game changer.

AoW, although isnt as versitile as CRW, the rewards make up for it. And I also enjoy warring with the locals. Since some regions are slow, 6x6 allows for faster fills and lots more action.

Blitz is short and sweet. 6x6 for fast fills and although rewards are not great as aow or crw, but its not bad for a day war. Maybe a CRBlitz in the future?

Any events are better than none, but like many of us… not being able to pull after days of effort is just discouraging.