Can we get an open 100 basic tokens button?


Can we get an open 100 basic tokens button? Opening them 10 at the time is a pain.


I like this idea :+1:t3:


Why? All it’s gonna do is fill your inventory with 1* weapons and like 5 1* characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Yessss… I like this idea.



+1 as well.

While yes, @Shadowmaker it may flood your inventory with a ton of junk, I already know that when I open them and that’s what I’m prepared for. I personally am never opening them 10 at a time to then sell said junk weapons and one star toons before opening another 10. I’m using it in bulk for the possible toons to use to lvl or the rare three star weapon drops. It saves time from repeatedly hitting a 10 pack to open because from one 10 open of basic tokens, I’m sure not getting much.


I was just saying… the almost no reason, no matter how desperate to open you basic tokens anymore after the nerf.

Might as well save them on the off chance that one day they’ll make them as good as they were