Can we get an official response to the platinum medals question?

Continuing the discussion from When is the final level up where Platinum Medals for the museum will be available as rewards?:

The original thread was closed without a response. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely can we get a response please?

Will the platinum medals be available during the weekend Level Up?

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Seems there aren’t many official responses to legit questions on here. Isn’t that what this is for?

Good advice here. Got my Yvette last week and now on cruise control

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Unofficial response:

There are 5 days+ to go in the museum to redeem the collections. Hence it is likely that you have 4 more days of level up tournaments to earn them. Which translates to the next 2 level ups.

But assume nothing, expect everything.

Typically the said events end and they give 24hours for rewards to come in and players to collect. I’d assume last level up ending when there’s 24hours left. However assuming always makes an ass out of someone. …I cringe saying this but have you tried support? Or looked back to see if there was an in game message that gave start end date? Likely no one here will answer until it’s too late because they always want u to have to obtain items through other avenues $

I looked but they never sent an in game message with start and end times for this collection afaik.

I’ll clarify this for you. Please do bear with me!


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Can you also suggest a collection for excess medals? I’m sure many like me won’t have hit the 8k for Jeremiah (personally I miscalculated and will fall 100 short unless I get a top 10 finish) so have a large number of medals.

Considering in the old level up format, we got a reward if we didn’t get the character it would be a shame that the platinum medals ended up as useless as a chocolate teapot


Thank you @JB.Scopely

The medals are a joke unless you have a roster of nothing but 6 stars and roster size is over 500. Because earning less than 500 a tournament means people will miss out and be forced to coin or drop $$$$$$$

Love it. Official responses is “I’ll get back to you”.

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What did you expect.He doesn’t know!

I still don’t understand this… Care to explain?

Update :drum:

The latest solo level up dropping Platinum Medals will be the Friday Solo Level Up, tomorrow (01/02/19)

@DeceasedParrot - I hear you on the delay involved doing so, but I rather triple check before :slight_smile:


Save up and win 1 lvl up and you get 10k
then save up and get top 3 and tou get 5k more

its 15k you got eric congratz and you only needed to be in2 lvl ups instedd of all of them good work

And if you want you can win 1 more lvl up and you got 2 6* good work

you only need to be smart for once and not go all in when every1 else dose it not that hard

So will they be converted to supply depot points when the collection ends? @JB.Scopely

Probably not, museum items just go up in smoke.

Going to have 7,900 come the end. Ironically I did want Jeremiah, but with the battery event needing us to hit 1.25m and gear at a premium i’ll have to prioritise Sandy

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Thanks @JB.Scopely for getting back to us about this.

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But sitting out you miss out on a lot of level up and milestone rewards, not that hard to put up decent numbers consistently, especially if you get ygl’s with some regularity.