Can we get an armory revamp?

Let’s face it. The armory has begun to feel… how do I put this, outdated.

We recent (actually not so recent promos) we’ve seen the rise of new weapon skills such as confuse when attacking or taking damage. Double attack of 200% damage instead of 150%(btw who remembers when 200-300% damage was considered ok if the rush added effects). Taunt when attacking and taking damage. Increased bleed damage when attacking or taking damage (we may as well get maim too). Burn on weapons in general. Let’s not forget the most concerning of these new abilities: gain 50% or 100% ap when attacking (this is basically the return of the turn one nuke meta except it adds ring to the mix).

These abilities should be added to the armory as they provide an extreme advantage to spenders (as promo characters should) but some of these characters (such as marlon and blue morgan) make defenses nearly impossible. Maybe replace some of the more underwhelming skills (such as ap down on attack/when taking damage or reflect damage) with these new skills.


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