Can we get an answer on what early 2018 means?


So that we know when all of the “future ascendable” characters will be out and we can plan accordingly? Additionally, any information on who will be in the next wave of ascendable characters?


.20018. It was a typo.


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Early 2018 means…
Early 2018.

The question is, when does late 2018 start?


July 1st is late 2018. Anytime beforehand is the latter.

Nah that is mid 2018. A reasonable person would take early as before end of April.

I’m betting on not before September, or game close down. Whichever comes first.

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Q1 of 2018 is early

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I expected Q1 at the time of the announcement as well. I’m not nearly as optimistic now, unless we see another Ascendable this weekend.


Remember it’s coming from a business persay so from a business point of view the financial year begins 1st July.


Depends entirely on the business. The company I work for starts their fiscal year the first Saturday of February. You would have to research their fiscal EOY (end of year) records to accurately account for their fiscal calendar.

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All these different ideas of what early 2018 means is why I made this thread. It’s a pretty vague term, so clarification would be nice.

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It was already said that it means the first half of 2018, until July.


I’ve heard there’s no set date on releasing them.
They only do so when they have made enough profit over ??? duration.

They see legacy 6*s as something that won’t gain them much if any profit.
Info from a friend of a friend of someone at Scopley…so take with grain of salt.

Legacy 6s are a thorn in there side it seems to me like…
Which I think is a major problem Scopley need to be aiming to fix.
I feel if they can’t think a way around it they should be asking us the players for ideas.
We want to see our favorite 5
s go 6* now the jump has happened.
Scopley opened Pandora’s box…they need to figure out how to make it work for us and them.

I hope they do.
If they aren’t SS’ing the game we need to find a way forward.
Starving people of gear or trainers doesn’t seem to have been working.

Maybe a way of using more of our toons would be a good way.
So more than 5-20 are useful.
Give us a reason to use our 5* yellows…etc…
Personas, ticket cost etc…

Go take it to the team!

First half doesn’t mean early, that means middle

Early, soon, chance - Scopely language is all vague.

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