Can we get a global duel option?


Might check it out sounds real friendly!


It’s pretty legit we don’t stack Crits and only place small teams in terries to help with league trophies. We’re about crw here


The idea wouldn’t bother me tbh but I’m sure it would anger alot of others lol


I mean I see where other peeps are coming from but imo blitz and aow is a rare event now lol it’s mainly about crw teams. Kinda like the top hitters joining a faction before crw to better their rewards. The game is a better place when peeps try and help one another instead of oh my 8k account can beat ur ftp team lol


Fair enough. In my opinion, your idea is pointless nonsense that defeats the main gameplay aspect this whole dumb grindfest was built on.


Lol touche, man I just wanna duel without flopping around.


Have fun faction hopping :slight_smile:


I don’t think what your asking is dumb. But I think it competely defeats the purpose of dueling. If enough people out there want some easy target practice though, have all the fun you want.


They likely won’t do it because very few regions that I’ve heard of do what your talking about. If I wanna test a specific type of team say gabe lead for example it’s fairly easy to find in raids. I personally care not 1 iota about rep but a lot care and believe this determines something. So there are people who use cans to raise rep and practice attack teams. Allowing global duels would eliminate that. And any penny they can make they will. So if any idea appears to in any way take money from them likely won’t happen. I personally don’t put up my main Def I usually put up some team of all michonnes or something. If I wanna test an attack team it’s likely chance someone in my faction can make something very close to what I need. Even mid level factions now have more premiere Def due to league coins and casual spending.


Bad idea people would stop talking in gc and you’ll get even more notifications that some has dueled you


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