Can we get a global duel option?

It’s too time consuming and inconvenient to keep faction hopping or searching in raids just to find one person to duel. Having the option to duel globally would be outstanding imo

Are you basically asking for the chance to practice against other people’s teams who aren’t in your faction without losing rep?


Lmao yeah I’d be mad of this was abthing

Idk about your region but in mine we faction hop to duel. It’s kinda tedious and annoying.

Why? So u can all beat eachother easier seems counter productive is urs a dying/dead region.

Ur idea seems like absolute madness unless it was just that u could invite one player to duel u just being able to duel anyone without losing rep is nonsense!

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Why would I be nonsense? We rarely have AoW or blitz wars anymore, so the only time you really get to face one another is either terries or randomly finding them in raid searches? Y’all are looking at it from a lose rep standpoint I’m looking at it as ok my faction mates don’t run 4 revive chains so how am I gonna defeat them in crw if you can’t prep for them, its just the same as faction hopping but without having to actually leave ur faction to do so

And honestly who cares about rep now days lol

Search for them in raids I get a top 10 player almost every other time I press the search button! Then u can just keep retrying!

Duels were invented to test ur defence not to teach u how to play the game lol we coped fine before duels were invented…

So is about 90% of what you post. Players are different, notice the description says imo. Which means in my opinion not yours bud :slight_smile: cheers tho

I have 2 accounts and one is ranked 500 and still gets a top 10 player with revive chain every other raid maybe my luck’s just bad but I don’t find it hard to find these teams lol

Duels were also meant to test atk teams as well as def.

It’s not finding a top 10 that I’d like it’s the ability to single out 1 person and duel them.

If u not worried about rep then just find one in raids and keep doing it

Why would scopely do this when it would mean u don’t waste cans losing raids and testing teams?

Because I mean honestly what’s the difference between having a duel button on that players profile and joining their faction to duel them?

there is no way I would personally help people in other factions practise to then be able to beat the teams I have built easier. it makes no sense

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How many all out wars or blitz wars have we had recently? Are you constantly going against them or just when you select their profile on raids

I’ve never heard of a region that let people join there factions to practice beating there teams and I’ve been in quite a few regions across my accounts… What region u in sounds real nice lol

All I’m saying is the option to duel someone outside of a faction doesn’t seem like a bad idea to a lot of peeps in the region I’m in.

I play in newberry stop by sometime :slight_smile:

Might check it out sounds real friendly!