Can we get a Gear map please


What are the chances of an elite and ultra rare gear map this weekend?



Legendary map before christmas wpuld be legit, but any mention of it is ignored, sadly.



I need an ultra rare map so bad. This weekend would be perfect considering the lack of interest in the events.


I assume they will stick to the schedule and we’ll see it Sunday or Monday


Where is the ultra gear map pl0x


It has typically been late Sunday or early Monday.


Should be one on Monday!
I’ve been doing what I can to keep them consistent! Next will be more frequently!

I believe we had Elite Rare last week so it should be Ultra this monday! I’ll keep you posted!


That’s still not what was promised though. It was supposed to be a weekly gear map for all of them.


Funny did we have legendary roadmaps? As a few players in my region now have a couple T4 6* that previously didn’t…

Vk anyone? :rofl:


I’m hoping it’s not another 12 hour one. 2 in a row I’m same time frame was pretty unfair move. Especially when the 2nd one could have run for 24hours as their was no other roadmaps. That still makes me a bit mad that it was handled like it was.


Yes, could we please get an update on the legendary roadmaps, or maybe just suprised with one this week. Thanks


Awesome, thanks!


Honestly we get bags and walkies from the current events. Any gearmap thats not a legendary map means nothing to me preferably t4 but t3 would be a start


It is here! 24 hours ultra rare gear roadmap!!


Mucho gracias


Ultra one week and Elite the next is certainly a good starting position personally. While it’s not been specifically at a point in time on a day each week it’s been fairly consistent for a while now which is good.

Thanks @kalishane


@kalishane this last week has been a serious improvement for gear maps. Thank you for continuing to stress their importance to the team.