Can we get a gear collection thats not the price of my credit card?

Okay this is getting ridiculous ive been stuck on T3 6*'s for months cause i can’t get gear and the last gear event was in summer? Like come on its been months and the only gear thats been giving out is the T2 gear and t4 gear thats been behind a price tag. We need a gear event NOW or soon this month or in December im done waiting for gear thats not coming.

(A screenshot to prove my point)


If you bought it they would probably just rollback to pre-purchase state and keep your money… Seems to be the way things are going! But here’s 4 Brady’s and a 4* for your trouble!

Or they will make the offer after every raid and mission you do, and have it glitch to where you have to exit the game to have it pop up again when you come back in.

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Buy promos then buy the gear to level them. Get an accendable from a token or a wheel for free buy the gear to level them. It’s been a broken record for sometime and looks like the needle is stuck in a scratch cause nothing on the horizon. Nothing is free anymore just like the “free” shield. Only another month till everyone gets a free revive that now looks like a complete turd next to Gabriel. Can’t give anything that is worth something to anyone. Never will as long as people still do up to 15 big pulls for the shiny new promo just to attempt to keep their edge on others. These people that do that also buy the gear to level them. If no one did it wouldnt be constantly on sale. Create the demand to provide the supply. This has been coming since the elimination of the old gear maps. If you really want it bad enough Scopley figures you will buy it.


They really want you to buy that

Wasn’t it some sort of promise that the gear will be easily obtainable (at least easier than these days… Not involving money).
It workes in the past, not sure why it’s not a thing anymore.
I don’t even think about trying to pull for another character cos I need… Gear? But I refuse to spend money on gear when it should be a cheaper option?!

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To those that say gear is easier to get now than in the 5* era you couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been around almost since the start of the game and it’s never been this bad. In the 5* Era there were gear maps and even though they only rolled them out once a month you had the ability to stock up on gear. People saved world cans just to farm those maps. School bags and Walkie talkies would drop occasionally but they were always there apon completion. We learned how to be thrifty with the toons we choose to upgrade but still there was a source that doesn’t require a purchase from offers or the shop. This new meta had become give small amounts of gear in milestones put it in the league store or buy it. The events that provide gear or the in game currency to obtain it are almost all linked to events that require money to do well or to win. This is no mistake and should not be taken as one. The promise to make it easily obtainable was never specific in nature just that there would be an opportunity to get it. Those of us that foolisly thought that was going to be in the form of gear maps apparently we’re wrong. They did make good on their promised availability only the sad reality is the availability of everything has a price tag on it. Keep Surviving…


The lack of gear is killing the game, but they are too think skulled to realise it.

Why the fk would ya wanna pay for a toon that you won’t be able to use for god knows how long??

And paying for gear? HELL NO! Why should we have to pay for shit that should be free. Sort it out Scopely, or give toons away and we will buy gear :wink:

Let’s make a no play December, log in grab snowballs close the app
We are better than scops think, we are patient but we won’t tolerate such treatment

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