Can we get a full explanation of new ygl


I personally would love to try to improve Scavenger Missions for you guys (and for my own account with a maxed out camp too :wink: ), but unfortunately there’s only so many of us on the team and feature prioritization is a thing. We’re aware of the limitations of the system though and it is on the want to improve list. Just can’t provide any concrete timelines on more robust changes right now.


So high prestige level players who did their homework are screwed. Not a single prestige mission if you haven’t done gold? Prestige missions were equated to your prestige level. So now even high prestige players get no prestige missions. Smart way to reward spenders…


At least you can add 2 more prestige missions after ygl as
You got luckier - 150k xp - unlocks after lvl 15 gold mission
You are the luckiest - 200k xp - unlocks after lvl 20 gold mission

This can address this issue and levelin too many characters at the same time creating lack of food and survivors, gloves and shirts issue.


Except that its going to take like 10 days to complete the 10th gold mission for me


Still trying to understand how these changes came around.

Let’s see, people complain about the fact YGL may not show up for weeks and there is no official explanation of the system. Scopely responds by further restricting the availability of these missions to new players who may have spent a great deal of money or older players starting over in a new region. Way to respond to the community Scopely.


So essentially it came down to this:

Player Feedback: “We have completed gold missions and are seeing YGL less”

Scopely: “Well lets just wipe out YGL for anyone who hasn’t done a gold mission”


I completely agree with this change. 100% BUT you do realize that the 2 million milestone was generated based on the old YGL structure. so now the milestones are completely unattainable for those of us who haven’t done the gold missions and still very very difficult for the ones that have. This is very frustrating.


But now there will be plenty of people to buy a random bag with 25, 50 or 75 of weapon parts.


you can still fix that by doing up to level 10. But there is no fix for us who have done up to level 20 and we are stuck at this disadvantage unlike you. It is just temporary for you and doing up to level 10 is not that hard aswell.


I don’t really understand how you can agree. Prestige missions were directly related to your prestige level and you saw better ones the higher you went. I can see eliminating the frequency bug. I CAN’T see denying a prestige 12 player ANY prestige missions based on gold missions which are not related to prestige level.


I completely agree with you. BUt I cannot get to level 10 by the end of this level up. and the 2 million milestone was generated on data from previous Level ups when the YGL was still being offered the old way. So I’m saying this faction level up that lots of people have been waiting for for along time is totally botched


I can get it. Same way you have to level up other things to benefit from Prestige (like the armory, you can’t skip the crafting you don’t have it leveled up to have those higher level crafts.

It makes sense that the game would encourage you to actually level up the locations.

The problem is that the timing is set up to intentionally screw players (again, I’m not one of those players, so this isn’t whining about my game).


I no longer get you go lucky right before long awaited faction level up. Thanks scopely.


Somewhat true. The main complaint I saw regarding YGL was that it wasn’t fair that some players were getting it more than others and the unfairness due to LU points.


Now, some other players get it and some players lose it completely. This is not a solution.




Would it not be easier just to have the scavenger camps show all missions all the time, so I can see the cool down time left on mission x, coin prestige mission y cool down and do mission z without the monotony of skipping through unwanted missions?


So what about those like me with 3 lv20 camps who can’t remember which gold missions already did ? Just get fucked and keep on surviving? Nice…


I honestly don’t understand the fix…maybe I’m not the sharpest tool in the tool shed.

So say I did all the gold missions and have 3Level20 Camps and 1 at Level 11
How will this effect me?

Or what if I didn’t know if I’d completed them all?

If explained this way I will be able to explain to my faction members.


Sounds like in your case YGL has been weighted more heavily so should show up more often. You’ll still be at a disadvantage because you have a larger pool of missions cycling through but it should appear more often for you.