Can we get a full explanation of new ygl


We have seen the anoucement . Can we get a full explanation of the change to scavenger mission " you got lucky"


Would be nice.


would like to hear this one out. :eyes:


Good luck getting a non vague reply…


I took it to mean if you have done all the gold missions you’ll see the prestige ones more often. So make sure you get cracking on the gold ones especially the one mentioned in the note.


This. Provided you have completed the Level 10 Gold Mission, Silence is Golden, you will see all the prestige scavenger missions (limited to those available at your current prestige level) on a more frequent basis.


I thought it was pretty clear tbh :slight_smile:


Same, but this isn’t the only thread asking.


All I know is that you now have to complete level 10 gold mission for all prestige missions to show up many times. That is true because all my missions are complete and it showed up in all my regions so far. Those who never completed the gold missions are now forced too.


If you have completed at least the gold mission “Silence is Golden” which takes 2 days 16 hours, you are in compliance with the update. You only get each gold mission once, each one takes longer to complete after you get them, so if your gold mission is longer than that mission, you should be good.

  • Some people had already completed all their Scavenger Camp mission progression due to Scav Camps coming out before Prestige did
  • Some newer people (or old people on new realms) purposefully didn’t level their Scav Camps once Prestige was out
  • People with the smaller unleveled mission pools would have You Got Lucky pop up consistently, rather than occasionally as the name of the mission would suggest
  • People with the already leveled camps would see You Got Lucky less often, and were thus at a disadvantage
  • We recently introduced a gating restriction on You Got Lucky (and other Prestige missions) that the Scav Camp needs to have completed at least the first 10 Gold Missions to ensure there’s a more complete pool of missions
  • We also increased the base weighting of the Prestige missions so they will appear more frequently than they used to for those at Gold Mission 11+
  • A longer term solution is under discussion on how to make the Prestige missions more equitable regardless of camp level, but this current solution was one that felt fair, not a big reach in difficulty to meet for players that have reached that Prestige level, and most importantly, could be done through changing data rather than taking engineers away from more interesting game features in order to redesign and recode the infrastructure behind Scavenger Camps.


Will we see a revamp to the scavenger system as a whole in the future? I talked about in a different post that the update is merely a short term solution that specifically helps Prestige Missions only. There is still incentive for players to not progress after a certain point for the scavenger system and many of its features have much needed desire to be improved.


How can we tell what gold mission we are on? Does it depend on your Scav Camp level?


@Agrajag thanks for reply. Just to clarify people who have done up to last gold mission and/or have level2 prestige missions have larger mission pools and still at disadvantage?

Why not make a xp mission for all levels of completed gold missions and reward people who go further into scavenging?


Why can’t you guys just make it available to everyone. It’s without a doubt the most popular, profitable,and useful Scavenger mission. Doing it this way unfairly punishes so many players.


Was going to look up and write these out, but found somebody already compiled it


I’ve gone past the Silence of Golden mission. Haven’t seen it since early this week when I got it decently often. Though I don’t know when this change happen, so I could be unlucky, or the fix could simply not be a fix.


Unfortunately a little bit yeah. We bumped You Got Lucky’s weight more than we bumped the other prestige missions ratings, so it shouldn’t be as bad as it was. Unfortunately due to the way Scav Missions were coded (and the way prestige was added on afterwards rather than developed alongside), its harder to add new missions and make them equitable independent of level than I’d like it to be. I’ll talk with the team about the possibility of a bonus version for people at camp 20, but no guarantees.


To answer your question, you can’t ‘see’ what gold mission you’re on. You can guess by seeing what gold missions show up in your camps using the wiki. If you see no gold missions, then you finished them all.


Change was today.