Can we get a 6* farmer?


I know we can get Rosa from the ascendance pool, but some of us are having an awful rng when it comes to her (just failed for the 13th time; only 2 people in my entire faction have her).

Common 5* farmers like Annie, red Shane, Richard, OG Ezekiel could be great as 6* large drops.
Do you know of any plans for a 6* farmer, @kalishane?

Do you want a 6* farmer?

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  • No

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I have heard we’ve been wanting to squeeze one in.

Could we perhaps turn this thread into a poll to get a feel for how many players are looking for one?

The designers would be interested to know!


6* drop lead would be great… too bad over 50% of the usual farming places don’t allow 6*s…


I am definitely wanting one. I personally haven’t been able to justify leveling fours to try to ascend for her when I have too many fives I need to level currently and not enough food/shirts/gloves. Would love this.


Do you want a 6* farm lead?

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6* Farmer would be most welcomed, as long as coding actually worked (unlike Green Glenn or Red Michonne in wars)


sorry cant make it lead but perhaps this poll will help with views on the matter


They could just make a medium drop lead. I think we just need the 6s stats


Can’t use 6* where farming matters anyway. Is that something scopely is gonna change?


We cant even get a good variety of 6* period. Ya’ll want a damn drop lead. Fuckkk.


very true hadn’t thought about that


Dude edit your poll and il delete mine, you shouldn’t be able to cast 2 votes completely invalidates the point, also interesting to see the diference in votes


That’s kinda funny.


I already tried, but it doesn’t work. I did choose 1 option when I made it, I have no idea what happened.


[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes
  • No
    just put a bracket on at the end


Preech! Haha. Dont apologise. Ur statement is correct.


Still nothing, I keep getting this every time I want to click save changes “You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.”


All on Shane to change it, when she does il remove my poll so to avoid any confusion


Patrick, our designer, is interested in doing even a more extensive poll regarding characters – I figure, for now, this one would help since he wasn’t sure how a Drop Leader would be accepted right now. So this is good to know!

Rewards deal with many more departments and variables – understandably, that takes more time.