Can we get a 5x speed?

I would like to get some extra speed on the auto play feature. I mostly play this game on auto at this point, and if you could save a minute or so on every action I take because I can haul ass to the finish line it would be a major quality of life improvement.


And/or no more tedious and lengthy roadmaps


I would love 10x speed…


I’m just glad we have 3x. Go back to 1x and try to run the daily roadmaps. It’s awful.


im sure at some point, the speed of the phone and network becomes a factor, and I recognize that by adding an additional auto that is faster would change some dynamics in events like onslaught and war.

By giving everyone 5x you can hopefully take advantage of newer phones having more horsepower and it keeps the field somewhat even when speed counts in an event.

I do think having another level of speed would make some of the long boring roadmaps less tedious.

C’mon scope, put some effort into this.

Amen to this. I’m tired of having to hit auto and waste my time waiting for it to play out 6 waves of 30 zombies or even worse a few waves of 20k+ 6-stars. It’s ridiculous.

I get they want to make people use cans so it’s about the energy cost. Once they have that do they really have to make us suffer through these long boring waves of either weak garbage enemies or ultra tanky 20k toons?

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If the 5x/10x speed occurs on PvE only (world map, roadmap, survival road, walkers in territories), I am OK with the proposal.

No further speed increase for PvP (including tower attack in war) though, as any duel that is designed to time out can’t be cheated this way.


Yep I mean it just for the lame roadmaps and sr and I will take what you said one step further. There should be no auto at all in war or raids. I mean what is the point in playing if someone is going to do is just hit auto. Where is the fun or challenge in that.

Roadmaps on the other hand are just designed to suck energy in the hopes that someone will pay for a can when they run dry and they are boring as all hell to boot.

I would have written it myself, actually, because playing auto is more or less like becoming a walker yourself… brain dead? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I play all my duels manually, except clearly outmatched opponents. I score much less than my faction mates that hit 5 opponents by the time I finish my 2nd, but I did manage to beat some tough teams they really struggled with - massaged my ego a lot, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


when I try to run manual battles, I find that my phone doesn’t register the right and left swipes worth a damn for whatever reason.

I gotta auto if I want to use an active skill or a human shield.

Omg I was literally just thinking this. Lol

My old phone used to get confused for atk and defend and active was almost impossible. My new two phones got no issues, even with a screen protector on

Yes ask them to change that and we will get 5X the glitch’s,bugs,and laggggggggg lol

3x without active skill use

Some people would say that their prya rampage help them to make 5x

I’ve been wanting to say I think 3x speed as taking a little drag lately. The first time 3x came it really seemed a lot faster than it is now. It may be because I’m used to it but even 1x seems slower than it used to be

I think 3x speed gets bogged down because there are so many status effects now. my people will make the attack, then the game seems to slow while all the status effects are calculated, then the enemy attacks me quickly, and it slows down for more status effects.

When I had a droid 2 it was fine. Then I had a crappy Walmart phone for a year and I had that problem all the time. I have the note 10 now and whatever toon is on the bottom left takes like 10 tries to use their active. It’s for sure an issue. I have to swipe SUPER FAST lol

The droid 2 had a big ass screen though.

Also an option to do not use rushes, to clean walkers faster.

I would use this mode for onslaught if it was available too