Can we get 1 star trainers?

The trainer update was a bit of a relearning experience, but helped with roster size. It did, however, cause an unexpected issue. (Ok, perhaps it was intended?)

There is now no use for 1 star characters, which arguably don’t drop from maps, but that also means that there’s no way to train survivors without gear any longer. When I would run short on shirts and gloves, I’d run the one star no gear map. Sure, it costs a lot more food, but it allowed me to continue to use the camps and survivors.

Now, the only way to train without the 2 star gear is the 2 day specialty training. I have those camps filled for months now, so it gets frustrating to watch a full survivor bar that cannot be used.

Can we either get a no gear/high food map for the new system or decrease survivor drops while increasing trainer drops on maps?

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This was brought up when the 25.0 update first launched and it sort of fell on deaf ears. I was someone who was concerned that I would slowly deplete my gloves and shirts stash until I was pumping coins into the stash crate all the time.

As I tuned by gameplay style to be a better farmer, I have found that I’m collecting shirts and gloves faster than I can use them, having collected an addition 1500 or so each since that update. I don’t worry about 1 star trainers not being available anymore.

For the sake of consistency, 1 stars are still available (training grounds, survivor maps) so it would make sense to provide parity across all toon levels.

Yeah, I ran out of gear and trained a few, only to find that the ONLY use for the 1 stars from the camps is to sell them for a fraction of the food you used to train them.

my advice for farming shirts and gloves for 2* is this.

Always run a big drop leader (I use gator, Kenny is another good choice) for maps you can easily get through.

Don’t waste territory energy. these maps have a pretty high drop rate for shirts and gloves when you clear walkers.

anytime you have extra world energy, run 7-3, it drops gloves and shirts for 3 energy.

On Thursdays you get the gear roadmap and you can farm the crap out of that with only a couple cans.

Any time you can get the item drop territories before a farming session you should try to do it, it makes a difference.

Only train the 2*s that use 1 shirt OR 1 glove, NOT both. This really helps to stretch your gear.

These are some of the rules of thumb I follow and I haven’t had to buy the 70 coin gear box in ages. I’m just shy of 5K of each and that number climbs up every week and I still train hundreds of 2* for level up events.

Well, I prefer buying the basic gear - 70 coins for 400 total gear (200 of each), ehile it comes with shoes and shadea you can sell for food.
Compared to average world can price at 65, I doubt you can farm the hell out of the gear map with better results… but you might be drowning in world cans, if so the method is OK.

I prefer burning world energy on 25-8 which will give (on a long stretched average) cca 60 survivors per run (+territory boost up to 40%), i.e. 3 survivors per energy pip, while 7-3 averages out at 6 survivors only, i.e. 2 per pip (and gear roadmap just 1, max 2 survivors per run), while the territory boost credits less extra survivors due to rounding.

I am drowning in world cans :rofl: war keeps giving them to me so I keep using them!

I started farming 7-3 because it was the least energy with a chance to pull a Lilith. True for survivors, 25-8 gives a better deal, but 7-3 rewards more shirts and gloves (no idea if Lilith is still a thing on world maps or if its only bo and Meghan now) for energy used.

I clear walkers in territories all day so I have more survivors than I know what to do with.

Yes, Lilliths do still drop. Maybe less than once in 100 runs for the general llayer, but I’ve got two since the 25.0 update myself.
Meghans do seem to drop fairly often too

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