Can we for love of god

we need more tier 2/3 6 star gear everyone by now is running low or has run out we need it.

how about we remove rare gear and add 6 star gear after ultra rare?


I guess I am an exception to this. I have enough gear to t3 about 4 6* and enough medals to make 3! I just don’t have anyone worth getting to 6*

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first world problems being in rank 1 group ha

and another 4 more 5s to make. i have over 1k+ tokens still juust lacking tier 2/3 tier 6 gear everything else is fine.

few can go to tier 4 but lucking that tier 2 gear few stuck at tier 2 due lacking the same

Momma can i have those? :open_mouth:

bump pan cakes pis