Can we fix what's already in the game and quit adding new stuff?

Games constantly crashing STILL.

New event cool but people’s training grounds are locked, know people been asking to fix roster space forever, it’s like you took an issue and made it worse by saying hey you don’t get to compete in this event.

It’s getting old. Fix what is already in place. Please.


An easy solution to rosters would be to separate the fodder from 5s and up and I realize 5s a fodder too lol but old school arena makes them relevant

:clap::clap::clap::clap: I second this

Yeah it’s complete crap and penalising their most dedicated players

Time to clear out the roster maybe? Most people have to do that regularly anyway or they can’t get stuff from the training grounds.

Bern trying took roster from 20k to 5k but can’t ascend without medals and can’t use toons to feed if I can’t level without gear…lol

Elite rare map is up today, and Ultra Rare gear map is up tomorrow, you can go farm some. Or are these all 6*?

[ETA] just to make sure, I know that it can be a pain. I struggle with roster size almost every day. In the past, I’ve had milestone rewards with 6* gear expire because I delayed it too long while trying not to add another Basil. Had to sell tons of Burts and Bradys in the past just so I could claim 2* from training grounds. Ascended toons I didn’t plan to use just so I could get rid of Ulysses. It is what it is.

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