Can we finally get a thread about skullgate?

It really makes for a good read. Keep it up y’all.


What’s skullgate? Haven’t heard of it before.

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Another one omfg!

I think this gate needs renaming to saltgate

beep boop!


How would you distinguish it from every other debacle where the players descended into saltiness depending on how the debacle affected them? Every “-gate” round here is saltage…


There’s like 10 of them already perhaps I’ll make another one just for you man

Someone: Makes a thread on a topic that was made multiple times
Some people: Talks about the topic, how it’s unfair, fair, or gives the topic creator advice

Lmao I was being facetious

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If ya think about it, this whole thing is getting so much “discussion” because some guys didn’t hop onto the wagon fast enough. AKA some people got lucky, a whole bunch didn’t, AKA business as usual here at Scopely.


Sarcasm is lost on so many, apparently

They need to merges them all into one thread called cry babies get butthurt

Agree about merging, but name calling is not needed.

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